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Domain Names

A domain name is a unique address on the internet that allows your website to be found, for example

The type of business or activity you're conducting will determine the postfixes you're allowed to use with your domain name. Generally speaking, to acquire a .com or a domain name you'll need a registered business name first.

You can purchase a domain name without necessarily having a website (for example to secure a domain name you're planning to use later). However you can not have hosting (the server that is running your website) without a domain name as there would be no unique identifier to call on the site.

Before setting up your website, it is important to carefully consider which domain name you will attach to your website. There are literally millions of websites already on the internet, so don't be surprised if the domain name you have in mind is already in use, or is being sold by a third party for a hefty price.

Still wondering 'what domain name should I buy'? Here's some tips to help you choose. Tips for Picking the Right Domain Name

The obvious first choice is to select a domain name which has your business name or product name in the address. Let's use the fictitious company "Happy Days", a Brisbane based wedding photographer. The first choice might be: or

If your business name is not available, you might consider incorporating a word in to the domain name which describes the business you are in. Not only are you more likely find a suitable domain which is available, but keyword searches through Google and other search engine using this particular word are more likely to come across you site if it is actually featured in the URL, for example:

Another option is to incorporate your location in to the domain name. Again, this has the advantage of attracting website traffic from search engines where keyword searches on a particular area have been used: For example,

If you are starting a business or starting out online, it is important 'think ahead' and where possible, purchase all the domains that could be associated with your brand and products, now and in the future.

Take a look at : The car manufacturer failed to snap up their domain name first and are now embroiled in a legal battle to stop "Nissan Computer" from using this particular domain. Don't risk your competitors hijacking your brand, products or business name, for the sake of a few hundred dollars a year.

I am commonly asked, 'should we use a .com or a address?'. This really depends on a few factors, such as whether your website be predominately targeting an Australian market or an international market? Many local small businesses prefer a domain name extension over .com and there can be search advantages of this approach. Regardless of which domain name you choose, you should where possible purchase the BOTH the .com and the extensions, again to avoid someone else accidentally or purposely pinching your hard earned website traffic.

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