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Webmail is an integrated feature in this system that allows you to read and send e-mail messages from within the Admin Console, or any browser with an Internet connection. Log into the Admin Console.
Choose Home > Web Mail. or you can access your mail by adding Then logging in using your email username and password.

Email Troubleshooting

Domain Names

Upon purchasing a domain, the registrar will provide you with a user name and password to access their online redelegation tools. Log in to their site and locate the area that enables you to change the DNS settings for your domain. This area usually contains two fields that allow you to enter the Domain Name Server (DNS) information, which controls the routing of your domain to the servers where they are hosted.
Assign the following DNS information: - primary DNS server - secondary DNS server

Many registrars only offer two fields on their site. If they ask for a third DNS designation, enter the last option shown above.

After submitting this information online, you may need to wait for the changes to propagate before the domain name update become effective. Once the domain name has been redelegated to new name servers, it can take up to a maximum of 7 days for this new domain information to update on all relevant DNS servers throughout the world. Usually, this process happens much faster; often, a visitor that enters your domain will be able to access your hosted site within 24-48 hours.

Note: You must redelegate your domain name using the DNS service provided above in order to use the system's email service.

Module Related Videos

Capturing Leads with Web Forms
In this video we cover how to create and modify web forms. You'll learn how to replace an existing webform with an updated version, and how to view your web form submissions that have been captured in your built in customer database.  

eCommerce Related Videos

A comprehensive overview of eCommerce functionality
After watching this video you'll have a better understanding of the power and range of features available to you to set up your online shop to sell your products. You'll see how catalogues and products work together and how to add new products to your shop.

Setting up Shipping Options
In this video you'll learn about our flexible shipping options capabilities. We'll take you through how you can define your own shipping options in your shopping cart so that you can charge your own custom shipping fees to suit your business.

Email Marketing Related Videos

Using Email Marketing Campaigns
In this video you'll get a quick overview of how to use the system's email marketing capabilities. You'll see how to create both once-off campaigns and loyalty campaigns, to get your clients coming back to your online business again and again!

Using Lists for targeted Email Marketing
In this video you'll learn what Lists are and how to manage them for effective email marketing.

Working with email campaigns

Customer Related Videos

Customer Database Overview
In this overview video, you'll learn how customer records work in the system. You'll understand how to work with customer data, and how to create specific customer reports to segment your customer database.

Administration Related Videos

Managing Users & Roles
In this video you'll learn what users and roles are and how they work together. You'll also see how to add users and how to configure roles correctly.

Adding your Domain Name
In this tutorial you'll learn what you need to do on our side to set the system to use your own domain name, such as Remember there are steps to be taken external to this system though!

Using Workflows
Here we explain what a workflow is and how you can use them as a valuable customer service tool. You'll learn how to manually trigger workflows, how to create and modify a workflow, and how to notify external parties and customers as part of a workflow. We'll also cover workflows for online shop orders and more.

Import Data
In this video you'll learn about the importing features of this system. You'll understand how to setup your import file so you can easily and quickly import information specific to your company into this system.

Using Categories
In this video you'll learn about Categories, which are used to help organize your site content via classification. (Please note, these are unrelated to Catalogs in your online shop.)